What Our Clients Say

"The Light system provided by SCS is unique and unlike any other system on the market. I have personally been involved in the approval of thousands of light upgrades under utility rebate programs. SCS lighting has apparent advantages over the “new” fluorescent systems in energy savings, light quality and maintenance. The intangible that we have experienced since installing these lighting systems over the past year include improved morale and productivity. Employee’s to a person have commented on how the lighting is more evenly spread, easy on the eyes and has fewer shadows. The system and installation by SCS is unsurpassed."

− Bob Mertz, CEO of Mendocino Forest Products

"Dear SCS,
I wanted to write and express my gratitude with regards to the new semiconductor based lighting SCS recently installed. I am saving approximately $1,400 per month in electricity due to your new lighting. The service area, show room and outside auto display area are brighter and offer a better atmosphere for our customers.

The no out of pocket custom financing SCS arranged for us made it an easy decision to install your lighting. Paying a small monthly fee while shaving over 75% savings in electricity with no maintenances for 10 years will save us approximately $225,060 over that period.

It has been a pleasure dealing with SCS and feel free to have potential customers contact me for a reference.

− John Paradise, Owner of Paradise Auto

"Yes, go ahead and give anyone you want my name and number for a reference. I am more than happy to let any potential clients know how happy I am with our new lighting. You can give them my personal cell number as well if you want."

− Larry Durnil, Manager of Mendocino True Guard Treatment Plant

"Dear SCS,
Now that you have completed retrofitting many of our commercial buildings with your new solid state lighting, I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the results. Our tenants love the new brighter lighting and we see an average reduction in our electric bill from 66% to 75% at our various buildings. We look forward to having you continue to retrofit our properties."

− Mary Fleming, Manager of Lee & Associates